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Why Android Still Can’t Dominate iOS: 4 Areas Where the Android OS Falls Short

By admin, January 27, 2014

The Android OS has actually outsold Apple’s iPhone as of early 2013, due in part because of its existence on many phones across several companies.


Though even if you ignore that numerical advantage, the Android OS has consistently been a strong competitor to the iPhone OS, often being touted and even preferred by a lot of users and particularly by smartphone app developers.

Part of the allure for developers is the fact that you don’t have to own a Mac with XCode installed to write apps for Android. Also with Google Play now running their app marketplace, Android is as strong as ever in the realm of smartphone popularity.

In many cases, Android phones have been said to have better functionality than the IOS, with features like heavy customization, a visual folder system and third party keyboards.

But what are the drawbacks to Android phones?

While there’s a lot to like about Android, there are a few things that seem to keep it from really jumping into the driver’s seat and making the IOS second-string. While successful releases of the iPhone 4 and 5 in recent years have helped Apple’s cause, Android shoots itself in …read more

Source: AppleGazette

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