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Why A Solar Powered iPhone May Be On The Horizon

By admin, January 29, 2014

News sites around the globe have been blowing up with rumors that Apple will include solar charging panels on its next iPhone. Although we say “rumored” there is actually a lot of evidence to back up the claim, making it exciting for the tech world right now. This would be a huge leap forward in mobile technology, one Apple desperately needs in Steve Jobs’ absence from the company. Korean giant Samsung is crushing Apple at every turn; could this new technology be their saving grace? Let’s examine the evidence.

1. GT Advanced Technologies (GTAT)

This is the story that started all the buzz. At the end of 2013 the news broke that Apple penned a multi-year agreement with GT Advanced Technologies to produce sapphire on an industrial scale out of their Arizona facility. Apple has been on the sapphire bandwagon recently, incorporating more of the material into their devices than ever before. However when placed under strength and endurance tests against Corning’s Gorilla Glass, sapphire breaks far sooner and under less pressure. In the deal with GTAT, Apple advanced the company $578 million to employ 700 people on the manufacturing floor.

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Source: AppleGazette

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