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The Case for Bringing Front Row Back

By admin, February 7, 2014

Prior to OS X 10.7 Lion there was a little app on the Mac called Front Row. This app turned your Mac into a media center that rivaled the Apple TV. Apple initially launched Front Row as a “digital hub” application to make your Mac the center for all things media related in your house.

Front Row was a great application, one that should have never been mothballed. With the level of integration that exists today, Front Row should make a return to OS X and be better than ever.

Front Row’s History

In case you’re new to Apple or you just never hit Command + Esc on your Snow Leopard Mac, Front Row was released on October 12, 2005 alongside the new iMac G5. Front Row was created to be an alternative way of using iPhoto, the DVD player, and iTunes.

Front Row always ran as a full-screen app and was the easiest way of using many media features on the Mac without having to open up each specific app. Jump ahead to March of 2007 and the second version of Front Row was released with the original Apple TV.

Travel ahead in time a little further to February of 2008 …read more

Source: AppleGazette

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