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New Cars Which Feature iPhone and iPod Compatibility

By admin, February 9, 2014

Lots of us love to drive with our favourite music playing along. Not so long ago, this would mean twiddling knobs to find a decent radio station. Then came cars with tape decks in them, and finally the CD player arrived. Real music fans could specify CD auto-changer units that would have a system in the boot with a stack of CDs you could select from the dashboard audio system. These systems were large and cumbersome, though, and pretty prone to failing. They also meant carting around your favourite CDs, which you invariably found you had left at home.

This all changed with the advent of the MP3 player, the iPod, the smartphone and the iPhone . Now car companies are getting rid of expensive CD players and replacing them with MP3 connectivity, as discussed by the consumer magazine Which? . But not only are these companies realising the importance of digital audio, they have began to integrate smartphones such as the iPhone and manufacturers like Honda have already announced further measures.


Ford has really taken this seriously. They use a system they call Synch, which integrates with Bluetooth and GPS along with your iPod and iPhone. The system, that …read more

Source: AppleGazette

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