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Is Apple Trying to Get Fit with Healthbook?

By admin, February 5, 2014

As rumors fly for the iWatch that may never come, an interesting thing has been happening at Apple. Over the past year Apple has been doing some interesting hiring and been involved in some meeting that might result in the deepest health and fitness integration any iOS device has seen yet. Apple may very well be working on a health app dubbed Healthbook and the results should be amazing.

Health-Related Hires

The first clue that Apple was working on something interesting goes back a few months with reports that Apple had hired several scientists, engineers, and managers from the biomedical technologies field. These hires are a pretty good sign that Apple is planning on doing something with sensors and fitness devices. With the popularity of fitness trackers like the FitBit today, this seems like a no-brainer.

When you look at the most notable hires, a common theme of hardware experience can be seen. This means that Apple has beefed up their health hardware department, ideally prepping for a major release.

The most interesting hire is that of Nancy Doughetry from health startup Sano Intelligence. Sano has been working on a way to read and analyze a person’s blood by having them wear …read more

Source: AppleGazette

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