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iPhone 4 Gets Second Life in India, Indonesia, and Brazil

By admin, February 6, 2014

The iPhone 4 may very well be the best iPhone that Apple has released, and it has often been called the company’s secret weapon. In most parts of the world, however, the iPhone 4 has been overshadowed by the sleeker and lighter iPhone 5, not to mention the iPhone 5S.


Give it to Apple to realize just how important a role the iPhone 4 plays, though, as it gears up to give the model a second life – not all over the world, but in several countries at least.

India, Indonesia, and Brazil will be enjoying a renewed production of the iPhone 4, which many Apple users – both existing and potential – are looking forward to.

On Apple’s part, this is a novel move: starting production of a discontinued product.

It is not hard to figure out the reason behind this move, though, as Apple is lagging behind Samsung in terms of market share. With Samsung having a gazillion phone models to choose from, many in the more affordable price range, Apple’s iPhone 4 can indeed be the secret weapon in the company’s arsenal: a more than decent phone at a much affordable price compared to its more recent counterparts.

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Source: AppleGazette

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