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How to Rename Files With Automator

By admin, January 14, 2014

Automator is an application bundled with OS X for quite a few versions now, but it is often misunderstood and used even less. At its core, Automator is a basic scripting application that allows you to stack those scripts together with drag-and-drop simplicity, giving you a powerful tool to fight repetition and busy work; getting more done with less work.

Getting into Automator can be a little scary, which is why we started you off with a simple yet effective use of it. There are applications out there you can purchase to rename files en masse, or you can use the software that came for free with your OS. Here is how to use Automator to rename files in OS X.

Setting the Workflow Up

This is probably one of the easiest and most effective uses of Automator for a beginner. We all have files that would use a good batch rename, and this can help get that done. Whether you want to give all your vacation pictures the same prefix, or you want to update all those screen shots for your project to look more professional, Automator has you covered, here’s how.

First things first, you need to open up Automator (Applications > …read more

Source: AppleGazette

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