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How to Rebuild the iPhoto Library

By admin, February 13, 2014

Most of us agree that iPhoto sucks, but for many of us it’s a necessary evil. As time goes on and your iPhoto database grows, it can start to experience issues. These issues can include missing photos, missing thumbnail images, and the database being completely unreadable.

iPhoto will prompt you to repair the database if things get really bad, but if they’re just annoying you can repair the database yourself. If you’re stuck using iPhoto you might as well make it work as smoothly as possible, so here’s how to fix most common iPhoto issues by rebuilding the iPhoto library.

Opening iPhoto

If iPhoto is open, quit the application by selecting it and hitting Command + Q. If it’s being testy with you, you may have to Force Quit it by going to the Apple Menu, selecting Force Quit, then choosing iPhoto.

Next, open up the Applications folder and find iPhoto. Hold down Command + Option and open iPhoto. Keep holding the buttons down as iPhoto loads, until you see the Rebuild dialog box appear.

Note: This will look different based on the version of iPhoto you have. This is being written with version 9.5.1.


Depending on the specific issue …read more

Source: AppleGazette

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