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How to Easily Set Rules in OS X Mail

By admin, February 4, 2014

Let’s face it, following the rules isn’t any fun. Nobody likes rules but put them into the OS X Mail client and suddenly rules are a pretty good thing.

Mail rules are instructions your email client follows that tell it how to handle emails automatically. This means you can tell Mail to automatically archive a specific type of email or highlight another so it’s easy to spot. Rules can be kind of tricky to set up, but follow the instructions below to start setting rules in OS X Mail quickly and easily.

Setting Up Rules

First things first, head over to Mail Preferences by clicking on the Mail menu then Preferences. From here click on the Rules tab of the Preferences window. This is where all the current rules will show, if you have any.

mavericks-mail-rules-menuThere are two key parts to mail rules: conditions and actions. Basically, conditions are what Mail looks for, and actions are what it does when the conditions are met. Simply put; cause and effect.

To make a new rule, click Add Rule and the new rule window will come up. Now that you’re familiar with what rules are in Mail, let’s show …read more

Source: AppleGazette

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