Could the iWatch Be A Reality in 2014?

By admin, January 1, 2014

Anyone familiar with rumors about Apple is more than familiar with the iWatch, even though as of now it doesn’t exist. The rumored wearable device has been talked about since late 2012 and the rumors have only grown since then.

There have been some entries into the smart watch category already with the Pebble and the offerings from Samsung and Sony, but so far all of these have failed to impress. This places Apple in the same position they were when the first iPad was launched, with the ability to come out with a device that blows the others out of the water and redefines an entire category. Could the iWatch be a reality in 2014? Let’s see.


Some History

Before getting into the technology behind a possible iWatch, some history is in order. Back in December of 2012 rumors started flying about a possible iWatch from Apple. The Chinese blog reported that Apple was working with Intel on a watch that runs iOS.

This is the first credible rumor of the existence of an iWatch, but step back to 2011 with the 6th generation iPod Nano and the watch accessories that 3rd party manufacturers sold and …read more

Source: AppleGazette

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