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Are the days of innovation at Apple done for?

By admin, January 22, 2014

There was a time that Apple was so different from everyone else that it was almost crazy. When the iMac was released without a floppy drive users nearly revolted, but as Steve Jobs predicted, the end of the floppy was nigh and it’s difficult if not impossible to find a desktop computer today that accepts floppy disks. Innovation at Apple obviously goes beyond removing floppy drives, though.

When Apple released the iPod people were amazed and a new category was born. Even though MP3 players already were on the market, the iPod made itself the king of the category and introduced it to a much wider audience. Like the iPod, the iPad and the iPhone while not completely new device categories, but they were so far from the current models of smart phones and tablets that they might as well have been the first.

Apple has made its living from new and unique products but lately this idea of Apple leading the way has somewhat fizzled. Does Apple have something up its sleeve or have they become complacent and too reliant on their existing product lines?

Apple’s Past


From the beginning, Apple has made some pretty groundbreaking devices, from …read more

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