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Apple to Replace Broken iPhone 5c Screens this Week

By admin, January 20, 2014

It’s been said that the “C” in iPhone 5c stands for “cheap”, but whether or not that’s the case, owners of the colorful line of iPhones have been experiencing screen problems. And we know that, no matter what phone you are using, screen issues are always a bummer.

With many other phone brands, replacing screens is a quick fix. Just take the unit to a repair center, and a new screen can be installed without having to replace the entire phone. Previously, for iPhones, this was not the case. Apple used to offer whole unit replacements for broken screens, and while a new unit can be fun (especially if you don’t have to shell out money for it, which is not always the case as we know), having to go through the setup process can be boring.

Fortunately, Apple has been working on a fix, and starting this week, its on-site iPhone 5c display programming is going to be rolled out. That means you walk into a store, and you can have your broken screen replaced as you wait (depending on the store, of course). This program is supposed to be launched worldwide, with the exception of Canada and Hong Kong.

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Source: AppleGazette

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