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5 Fun Terminal Commands To Try Right Now

By admin, December 31, 2013

When people think of fun they rarely think of Terminal. The utility at the heart of OS X, Terminal can do just about anything and is already known for some pretty interesting tweaks, but there are some less dangerous and more fun commands you can enter into Terminal and have some fun while you’re at it. Here are 5 fun Terminal commands to try right now.

fun terminal commands snow

1. Make It Snow

It’s that time of year again when the snow falls as much as the temperature, but if you haven’t seen enough snow yet or just want some right on your desktop you can make Terminal into a tiny UNIX snow globe with a simple command.

Before you enter it, however, you probably want to change how Terminal looks to get the full effect. Launch Terminal and hit Command + i on your keyboard to change Terminal’s theme. I recommend Pro for the best white on black effect.

Once you have the window looking right, enter the following string into Terminal and hit Return:

ruby -e 'C=`stty size`.scan(/d+/)[1].to_i;S=["2743".to_i(16)].pack("U*");a={};puts "33[2J";loop{a[rand(C)]=0;a.each{|x,o|;a[x]+=1;print "33[#{o};#{x}H 33[#{a[x]};#{x}H#{S} 33[0;0H"};$stdout.flush;sleep 0.1}'

Immediately you should start seeing snowflakes fall and collect at the bottom of the screen. …read more

Source: AppleGazette

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